What are buyer and seller ratings?

We've all had a buyer cancel on us before, and some of us have even had a seller cancel on us.  It's frustrating and some people seem to do it more than others!  ReefTrader incoorperates buyer and seller ratings to help you to determine if a buyer or seller is likely to cancel on you.  Here's how it works:  

Buyer Rating

ReefTrader tracks all of a buyers reservations that get accepted, if the buyer cancels after a reservation has been accepted they lose a point off their buyer rating.  For example, if you have 3 reservation requests accepted and canceled one of them, your buyer rating would be 2/3.  The number 3 is the number of requests that have been accepted, and the number 2 is how many of those reservations have not been canceled by you.

Seller Rating

Just as buying statistics are tracked for each user, so are selling statistics.  Sellers lose points from their seller rating by canceling reservation requests that they have accepted.  It is also considered canceling a requested reservation if the seller cancels a listing that already has accepted reservations from buyers.  If a seller has a rating of 5/7, it means that they have accepted 7 reservations total and done something to cancel 2 of them.