How do I list a coral for sale?

First you must sign up for a account.  Then you must select the "Attend" button for the swap you wish to sell the coral at.  In the black menu bar at the top of the screen, select the “Swaps” pull down menu, from there take a look at the swaps and select one.  You can also use the “Organizations” button from the top menu to search for an organization/club.  Selecting an organization will take you to their ReefTrader page with a list of their swaps where you can select a swap.    If you plan to attend the swap, click the “Attend” button.  

Next, click the “Add Listing” button (accessed from the specific swap’s page or “Listings” page).  Add a Title, specific details, price, quantity, link to a picture of the item (see the FAQ on linking pictures).  Be sure to select “Tags” for your listings, this will ensure your listing shows up when someone uses the versatile search function.  It will help someone find your listing amongst the hundreds of listings.