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The Bob Moore Frag Swap originated in 2009, in memory of the Puget Sound area legend Bob Moore who was always known for his generosity and unwavering support of the reefkeeping community. From 2009 through 2015, the Bob Moore Frag Swap was operated by the Puget Sound Aquarium Society (PSAS) as a membership event showcasing speakers, vendors and hobbyists through a frag swap and raffle fundraiser event each February.

It has been told that Bob was the most generous reefer one could hope to meet, he never asked for anything for himself when sharing his coral, only that you paid it forward to another reefer. This event continues to live on supporting the pay it forward mantra. 

The Bob Moore Frag Swap is a large scale frag swap event that boasts 300+ attendees annually to remind us that reefkeeping is a small community of like-minded hobbyists through which the hobby is best enhanced and expanded through small exchanges of hobby kindness.

Now it in its 9th year, the Spokane Coeur d Alene Reef Society, a 501(c)7 social non-profit organization ( based in Spokane, Washington is once again hosting this annual event. 

All proceeds from table, entry, and raffle sales go towards the costs of hosting the event and the ongoing efforts of the SPCDA in the region through club related social activities.

Have a question, concern, general note? You can contact us directly at or call Joanne, the swap coordinator at 425-644-3778.

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