Saturday September 12, 2015 4:00 PM


Bill's (TYRFIN) House
See INDMAS Member Section for Frag Swap Details and Address
Indianapolis, IN 46074


Did You Miss Out on the INDMAS Frag Swap this March?  Have you seen a coral that you just GOT TO HAVE at a members house during a monthly meeting???  Well this is the time for you to get that opportunity again....

INDMAS's Inaugural Retro Frag Swap!!

Rules:  1) This event will be for INDMAS members only

            2) Corals will need to be labeled in bags, specimen containers, or tupperware

            3) Please bring a cooler or styrofoam container for your trades

            4) No tables or tanks may be set up for this event

Any questions see the member only section on INDMAS at the following link.


No purchase of tickets required, all INDMAS members get a ticket for being a paid member.


Frag Swap Prizes:

  • BRS 4 Stage Value Plus RO/DI System donated by Bulk Reef Supply
  • Gas generator for those power outages donated by INDMAS
  • BRS 2 Part Calcium and Alkalinity Total Package donated by INDMAS
  • Hanna Alkalinity Checker donated by INDMAS
  • BRS Coral Propagation Tool Kit with Glue donated by INDMAS
  • Coral Dipping Kit (CoralRX and silicone coral strainer) donated by INDMAS
  • Ocean Wonders Magnetic Frag Rack donated by INDMAS
  • Coral Frag Kits (Plugs, Epoxy, Glue) donated by INDMAS