Saturday October 12, 2019 12:00 PM


26693 US Highway 12
26693 US Highway 12
Sturgis, MI 49091


We are Gearing up to get ready for our Fall Frag Party..
EVERYONE'S welcome ..
Saturday, 12 October 2019 from 12:00-16:00

26693 US Highway 12, Sturgis, Michigan 49091

We Ladies and Infinity Corals are sponsoring the Party...
Party will be from 12:00 pm (noon) until 4:00 pm.. Admission is $5.00 each (unless you are a member of the Ladies frag swapping club) kids 15 and under are free.. 1-FREE Raffle Ticket with each Paid admission
FREE -- food, drinks, snacks will be provided as long as we have it--first come first served ..lol All food and drinks will be donated by the Ladies of the club.
There will be giveaways,raffles...vendors .. feel free to bring your own corals to trade and sell and just have fun...
Not just for the Ladies .. EVERYONE'S welcome ..
If you are interested in being a Vendor Please Message me.. we are doing Freshwater and Saltwater.. we also encourage Clubs and Organizations to be part of this Once a Year Event ...
Tons of FREE stuff just for coming including Food,Drinks and Snacks all day to everyone
FREE at the admission tables while they last Reef Hobbyist Magazines
FREE plastic shopping bags ~~courtesy of Reef Nutrition and Premium Aquatics -- ( included in the bags are sponsor business cards,pamphlets,etc )
FREE while they last..mini sponsor bags
FREE while they last..Reefbugs complete samples
FREE while they last..courtesy of Ladies Frag Swapping Club and Nautical Enchantment Plus More.. Necklaces for the Ladies
FREE Marine Aquarist Magazines
FREE to the little ones while they last Blue Facts Comic Book About Blue Tangs
FREE while they last ASAP Stickers
FREE hand crocheted Octopi for the little ones 11 and under
FREE Aquarium Hobbyist Magazine while quantities last at the admission table
FREE stickers from Kessil ..you can get them at the admission tables while they last.
Lots Of Vendors-will be added at a later date
Lots of Raffles-will be added at a later date
Lots of Sponsors-will be added at a later date

We will again have the Kidz Korner with Crayons and Coloring Pages as well as a Touch Tank

We are excited to announce Carl Wulfers of Xille Reptiles will be bringing in a few exotic snakes and lizards and provide education for them

VENDORS as of 5/1/2019
(Fish and Coral)
1.Exstream Aquatix
2.D's corals
3.Coloraddict Corals
4.Corals by BuK
5.Serenade Corals LLC
8.Extreme Marine Aquarium LLC
9.Divine Aquatic Supply
10.Hobbyist~Mark Halter
11.Ryti Reefs
12.Hobbyist~Derek Kelley
13.Baked Reef Aquaculture
15.Trident Aquaculture
16. SW Michigan Aquatic Snail Accessories
17. Flex Aquatics
18. Kraken Bay Reef Aquatics
(Miscellaneous "Specialty")
1.Pet Connection
2.Ladies Frag Swapping-misc club items and Macro
3.Art by Althea
4.Nautical Enchantment Plus More
6.Shirley Hickok's Embroidery designs
7.Xille Reptiles--bringing in snakes and lizards and giving educational discussions of them

A Little Piece Of Ocean
ASAP Aquariums
Blue Ocean Corals
Boston Aqua Farms
Boyd Enterprises
Bulk Reef Supply (BRS)
Central Aquatics-Home of AQUEON, CORALIFE, KENT & ZILLA brands
Cermedia Marinepure
Coral Magazine
Divine Aquatic Supply
DrTim's Aquatics
Ecological Laboratories,Inc.
Gryphon Corporation
HBH Pet Products
Hikari Aquatic
Michigan Corals LLC
Mike's Phyto
Mt Reefs
Nautical Enchantment Plus More
Ocean Nutrition
Oceans Wonders
Omega One
Piscine Energetics (PE MYSIS)
Premium Aquatics
Quality Marine
Red Sea Fish
Reef Hobbyist Magazine
Reefbugs Complete
Saltwater Aquarium.com
San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc.
Santa Monica Filtration
Sera Marine
Synergy Reef
Two Little Fishes
United Pet Group/Spectrum Brands
Zoo Med Laboratories




Listings coming soon
As of 5/23/2019

1. Premium Aquatics-$25.00 Gift Certificate
2. Premium Aquatics-$25.00 Gift Certificate
3. Bulk Reef Supply - OVER 10 lbs of Reef Saver Rock
4. Bulk Reef Supply - OVER 10 lbs of Reef Saver Rock
5. Bulk Reef Supply - OVER 10 lbs of Reef Saver Rock
6. Bulk Reef Supply - OVER 10 lbs of Reef Saver Rock
7. Ladies Frag Swapping - 1 Macro (your choice)
8. Ladies Frag Swapping - 1 Macro (your choice)
9. Ladies Frag Swapping - 1 Macro (your choice)
10. Ladies Frag Swapping - 1 Macro (your choice)
11. Coral Magazine-1 year subscription
12. Coral Magazine-1 year subscription
13. Cermedia - 2 Quart case of MarinePure Spheres
14. Santa Monica Filtration-HOG.5 Algae Scrubber
15. Hydor-Prodibio BioKit Nano Reef Maintenance Kit 

16. CoralRX - Coral dip 8oz
17. Coral RX - Coral concentrated Dip 1.8oz
18. Hydor - Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller
19. Polyplab Scope
20.Polyplab - Reef roids 60g
21. Hagen - Fluval Nano Led 20w Light with Bluetooth
22. Hagen - Fluval 4 oz Epoxy Stick and Medium Hydrometer
23. Central Aquatics 1-Kent Marine Starter Kit
24. Central Aquatics 1-Kent Reef Starter Kit
25. Caribsea - Purple Up 16oz
26. Caribsea - Coral Up A (16oz)& B(32oz)
27. SaltwaterAquarium.com - ECOBAKEZ Media 1000 ml
28. SaltwaterAquarium.com - Aquaforest Calcium Test kit
29. SaltwaterAquarium.com - Fluval Phosphate Test kit
30. SaltwaterAquarium.com - Fluval Nitrate Test kit
31. SaltwaterAquarium.com - Fluval Nitrite Test kit