Sunday April 7, 2019 12:00 PM


Washington County Fairgrounds
2151 N Main st.
Washington, PA 15301


The 3 Rivers Marine Aquarium Society will be putting on its first Frag Swap in years. There will be numerous vendors selling coral, hard goods, fish and invertebrates, we are also having an Animal Show by the world famous "Wild World of Animals" who is a 3RMAS member. Vendor tables are $100 plus $50 raffle item and they get access to setup at 8 AM, and possibly the night before. Hobbyist table is $60 with any raffle items as purely optional and they get access to setup at 10AM. Hobbyist status is limited to a 30 inch long tank, LED light, and 15 gallons of water. All fees should be paid to the clubs PayPal account  3RMAStreasurer@gmail.com please not what the payment is for. 

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