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Seller frogfish (Profile|Listings)

I have been breeding Oscellaris clowns for about 9 months. I will be bringing 5-8 of them to the swap. These are 1" to 1.5" big. They will be about 6 months old. They are eating flake and small pellet.

Most will be regular patterned, but there will be a couple of misbars. That means that their middle strip has a non standard stripe. Misbars are what leads to the unique designer pattern clownfish. The standard pattern ones will be $10 and the misbars will be $15. In the picture below the misbar is on the left and the standard pattern is in the right.

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Price $100.00
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Seller frogfish (Profile|Listings)

I have a used metal halide setup that I need to get rid of. It has 3x175w mh bulbs and 2x150w florescent bulbs. All builds are used.

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