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Price $5.00
Available 1000
Seller mermaids cove (Profile|Listings)

Mermaids Cove is having its killer clean up sale.
Clean up crews for $5 a bag
bags are 10 blue leg hermits, or 10 astrea snails, or 3 tonga nass snails, or 5 black and white nerite, or 1 emerald crab, or 1 pencil urchin, or 1 short spine urchin, or 5 zebra hermits, or 1/2 pt cheato, or calarpa prolifria, or 1 pincushion urchin, or 1 chition, or 1 flame scallop.
You can MIX or MATCH bags
BUT WAIT!!!!!!
If you buy 4 bags we will give you 1 bag for FREE!!!
please preorder to guarantee your bags as things go fast when the show starts..